Monday, June 29, 2009

SAG wagon

The Honda Odyssey will be the SAG wagon for the trip.  It just got a service and is ready to roll.   Unlike poor Matt who is currently stuck in vacation limbo with the nicest 6 seater soap box derby car in North Carolina.

The Odyssey will be manlified by loading bikes on top and filling the rear with all kinds of camping toys.   Several days of bike riding will also impart a certain manly stench about the cabin.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ultimate Man Trip Checklist

No real man goes on any trip without a checklist. This list from Love the Outdoors is a starting place as good as any. It's easy enough to add things to the list like 2" thick aged corn fed beef strip steaks. Here's some things we won't be taking...

  • Television
  • Decorative Lights,
  • Camp Kitchen or Portable Grill
  • Kindle

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brownie: Brave Heart, Weak Constitution

Well, the poll is in and Brownie has been voted the most likely to not return. Poor dog, he doesn't even have a choice. At least he'll die happy out on the trail with the beasts and the birds.

Next Poll, how many days until they are not following the planned route?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time Is Running Out, Vote in the "Who Dies First" Poll

Check the sidebar to the right. Make your pick. You get bragging rights and a big "Told You So" if you are correct.

Matt's Must Have Equipment: Bike Shorts

Sure you make fun of people who wear them but you don't ride a bike much do you? When you're riding a bike, friction is the enemy. These pants have smooth sonic welded seams. They provide support for your muscles and wick away moisture. So at least your comfortable while everyone snickers.

Paul's Equipement Pick, The Coleman Latern

No need to be afraid of the dark with one of these. Brighter than the sun, these babies light up the night like a nuclear bomb. Lost your keys in the dirt? Want to play some cards? Bigfoot stalking you? Like to collect insects? The Coleman Lantern is to the rescue.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cookie's Must Have Equipment.

If you ask Cookie (Jeff) if there is one piece of equipment that is most important, He'll tell you it is the Dutch Oven.    There is nothing better than cooking on cast iron.  You won't be packing it into the back country, but if your cooking for a crowd around a camp, the Dutch Oven is the only choice.    Simply put the food inside, some coals on the bottom and top, and open a cold drink of choice.   And there is nothing better than the smell emanating from a good Dutch Oven.